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Art Financing

ARTBANX helps collectors and professionals to rapidly release the value of specific items in a portfolio via a mechanism known as art financing. Whether it is liquidating fine art or other collectables, ARTBANX allows you to unlock capital whenever you need it – and keep your portfolio intact.

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What is Art Financing?

Up until relatively recently, art was viewed as a slow-moving, illiquid asset. In order to unlock the value of a specific artwork, it would typically be made available for sale using traditional methods – which can be both slow and expensive.

Over the past decade, however, a new solution known as art financing has emerged to help owners and professionals to create liquidity from their portfolios much more quickly. It is of particular interest to collectors who view their art not just as an emotional investment, but as part of their overall balance sheet.

Art financing is the provision of bespoke loans with the artwork held as the underlying asset (collateral). In some instances, the owner of the artwork is permitted to keep the artwork for the duration of the loan; in others, the art is securely held in a Freeport.

You can quickly and easily apply for art financing through the ARTBANX platform. Quotes from reputable specialists typically come back in a matter of days, with loan periods varying from just a few months to several years.

In the near future we will introduce tokenised solutions that provide even more opportunities for art financing.

Why Leverage Art?

Selling art takes time, so the swiftest way to unlock its value is to borrow against it. ARTBANX helps you to find the exact art finance solution for your needs – and we will also take care of authentication and transportation to a Freeport if necessary. Borrowers are typically drawn to art financing for one of the following reasons:

  1. To unlock capital (up to 70% value of the artwork)
  2. To finance new acquisitions without having to sell other assets
  3. To manage short-term cash-flow
  4. To diversify sources of liquidity
  5. To defer capital gains/for estate planning reasons
  6. To benefit from attractive interest rates
Anonymity & Discretion

Anonymity & Discretion

ARTBANX allows you to unlock the value of artworks in your portfolio without alerting the art world. We work with experienced art finance partners who understand the need for discretion, and we do not reveal the identities of either the borrower or the lender to the other party until both have agreed to the terms of the arrangement.

Art Financing: How It Works

Select one or more artworks from your portfolio against which you wish to secure art finance.
Choose your preferred terms (variables include loan value and period of loan).
Qualified lenders receive your request anonymously through the ARTBANX platform and respond with their proposed terms of financing.
If one of these proposals is agreeable to you, simply accept it and we will generate an agreement that will swiftly enable you to release capital from your artwork.

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