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Due Diligence and Art Authentication

ARTBANX has developed a suite of solutions designed to reduce many of the risks associated with owning art. These include authenticating artworks before purchase, assessing provenance and ensuring pieces can be legally traded. We verify that your buyer or seller can be trusted – so that transactions run smoothly.

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Buying rare art requires both expertise and a strong heart. Paintings are not always what a vendor claims, and sellers themselves are not always the rightful owners that they purport to be. As a result, the importance of world-class due diligence when buying art cannot be overestimated. ARTBANX helps buyers and sellers to mitigate against both fraud and mistakes by ensuring that the expertise they need when art trading is at their fingertips.

You can also connect with our in-house art specialists and our partners for help with ascertaining ownership, provenance and the exhibition history of an artwork – as well as receiving detailed insight into a piece's condition and authenticity. We also provide effective oversight during the transaction phase.

Additionally, we can verify that an intended acquisition is recorded in the Catalogue Raisonné – and if not, can assist with the process. For more details of our comprehensive art due diligence services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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