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Where Passion Meets Strategy

Whether you are a passionate collector or investment professional, ARTBANX offers you the clearest possible insight into the artworks in your portfolio.

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The creation of a digital archive of these assets will enhance both value and transparency, enabling you to document, organise and make strategic decisions about your portfolio like never before. Designed with security and ease of use in mind, the ARTBANX Collection Management System is augmented by a sophisticated, proprietary search engine that brings a whole world of critical art market data to your fingertips. Together, these solutions take owning and investing in art into a new dimension.

Owning art is more than just a passion. While the joy of adding rare and desirable pieces to a collection cannot be understated, the financial aspect of handling a well-managed portfolio can be equally exhilarating. Knowing exactly when to buy, when to sell and when to hold is an art form in itself – which is where ARTBANX comes in.

As well as presenting every aspect of your collection in incredible detail, ARTBANX enables you to access unbeatable art market data intelligence and portfolio insight to help protect, enhance and monetise your investments. In addition, your collection can be made available for sale to other collectors around the world, according to your wishes. You will also be able to acquire world-class pieces through our online art sourcing system. A suite of supporting services such as art financing and shipping solutions have been added to ensure that every possible aspect of your art-related needs are met.

We Understand the Key Concerns of Collectors

High Transaction Costs

Trading art comes with significant transaction costs, with auction fees as high as 25% and expenses incurred for storage, insurance, handling and other associated activities. Affordable, innovative solutions that provide real financial benefits – and which will make art better suited to short-term trading – are required.

Lack of Overview

Existing solutions for digital portfolio management are often not integrated. Collectors should benefit from having access to their data – from valuations to future purchasing intentions – at their fingertips. They want a seamless, user-friendly digital experience.

Information Asymmetry

Without relevant experience or support from a skilled advisor, many collectors lack the nuanced insight into the art world that professionals enjoy. This creates an imbalance that works against the collector – putting them at a distinct disadvantage. Access to the best art market data will level the playing field.

Illiquidity of the Market

Selling art through traditional channels or intermediaries takes time – and can dampen the appeal of art as an investable asset. New, digitally-enabled solutions will allow collectors to liquidate artworks swiftly, as and when needed. Collectors are ready to embrace the intersection of art and technology.

Lack of Transparency

When an artwork is sold, the details of the transaction may be recorded in any number of different ways – or not even recorded at all. This deliberate lack of clarity obscures true valuations and makes it difficult for collectors to make informed investment decisions. There has never been a greater need for more transparency.

The ARTBANX Solution

All members of the ARTBANX community benefit from significantly lower commission fees when trading art than when dealing with traditional intermediaries. The seller always enjoys 0% commission, while buyers can pay as little as 5% commission per transaction, depending on the level of membership.

With ARTBANX, you can address the enduring problem of information asymmetry by accessing an incredibly rich stream of art market data. The ARTBANX platform was built to provide critical intelligence that will help you make informed decisions.

No more logging in and out of multiple platforms – ARTBANX was designed to provide every possible tool that an art collector could need, all in one place. It is a full 360-degree service that cannot be found anywhere else.

Accessing and extracting data from your portfolio could not be easier. Whether you want to export the specifics of an individual artwork in PDF format or download actionable art market data, our reporting tools were designed with both clarity and functionality in mind.

Unrivalled Portfolio Transparency

Bring your collection into focus with practical insights such as portfolio value, sell-through rate and artwork performance. Organise and leverage collections using the unique ARTBANX tagging system.

Unrivalled Portfolio Transparency

Qualified Buying and Selling

Assess global interest in your artwork by offering it for sale anonymously on the ARTBANX platform. Interested pre-qualified parties are checked and any resulting transactions are undertaken using banking-grade security.

Qualified Buying and Selling

Shipping and Freeport Storage

Whether being shipped after sale or simply for relocation, moving art around the world requires specialist knowledge and experience. ARTBANX can ensure the safe transportation of an artwork regardless of its designated location, using top-tier transportation companies.

Shipping and Freeport Storage

Artwork Matching Service

With ARTBANX, tracking down a specific painting could not be easier. Once you have logged your search, we will notify collectors from within our community and inform you of relevant matches. The process is entirely anonymous and it is the first step in expanding your collection.

Artwork Matching Service

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