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Pricing your Artworks

ARTBANX helps collectors, professionals and financial institutions to understand the true value of the artworks in their portfolios. By combining multiple data streams with the latest machine learning technologies, our platform equips you with the most accurate art pricing assessments currently available. ARTBANX brings transparency to an opaque marketplace.

woman in art gallery

Unlike other sectors such as the real estate market, where sales prices are readily recorded and easily accessed, art is a very different proposition. Not only are auction prices documented in a multitude of ways, but a large proportion of art sales are conducted in private. Only the two parties involved in the transaction will ever know the final price.

ARTBANX helps you to address this information imbalance by leveraging the power of data and technology. Our platform turns the dial in your favour – so that you can get a clear understanding of the value of the artworks in your collection and predict how they may perform in the future.

Pricing Insights

ABX Estimate

The ABX Estimate is a proprietary ARTBANX tool that unravels multiple data strands to help you see what a particular artwork is worth. Even if a piece has never previously been sold, the ABX Estimate will approximate its current value so that you can plan accordingly.

ABX Estimate

Historical Performance

Understanding how a particular artwork has performed in previous sales helps you to make informed decisions about a piece's future value. The ARTBANX dashboard brings a wealth of historical data to your fingertips.

Historical Performance

Artist Performance

Are the artworks you currently hold created by artists whose popularity is on the rise – or by those whose appeal is currently cooling off? ARTBANX shows any given artists performance in a clear and structured manner.

Artist Performance

Dig Deeper with ARTBANX

As part of the ARTBANX community, you are able to access data that is usually reserved for industry professionals. As well as being able to see hard-to-find pricing information about the artworks you currently hold, you can discover trending artists, find out which categories are currently performing best and more.

The sell-through rate of a particular artist is one of the best indicators of how likely a piece will sell if made available on the market. Our platform lets you see the sell-through rate of any artist in a matter of moments.

With art market data from multiple sources being fed into the ARTBANX platform, we are able to offer the most accurate, real-time pricing information to be found anywhere online.

Extract key art pricing data from your collection with the click of a button. Whether you need a brief PDF snapshot of a particular artwork's performance or a more detailed document spanning your whole portfolio, the ARTBANX reporting tools were designed with total simplicity in mind.

Does the majority of your collection contain photographs? Or do you collect more paintings? Generate an instant visual overview of your inventory with direct access to our Average Category Price tool.

Whether you want to see the value of your portfolio by artist, gender, nationality, category or otherwise, ARTBANX takes care of it. Benefit from the ability to instantly export unlimited charts and graphs.

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