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Industry Trends and Insights

The most astute investors in art today are often those with the best data intelligence. The richer the information, the more likely a collector or professional will be able to outperform the market – which is why providing members with key art market data has been a central pillar of the ARTBANX platform since day one.

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Understanding the ever-shifting art market landscape is critical for collectors and professionals – whether their ambitions are centred on maintaining a balanced portfolio or on growth.

ARTBANX was created by art industry experts who fully grasp the importance of art market data and the competitive edge that detailed insight can bring. Your collection becomes easier to manage when you can clearly see key historical information about different artists, the categories their work spans and specific artworks.

Future acquisition decisions, meanwhile, will more likely be judged a success when they are fuelled by cast-iron data. ARTBANX was built to assist with all of this – and to help your portfolio to flourish.

Understanding the Art Market

Tracking Artist Performance

Check out an artist's year-on-year growth, sell-through rate, average sale price and more. ARTBANX easily lets you explore an artist's performance over time in order to make informed acquisitions and sales decisions.

Tracking Artist Performance

Powerful Advanced Search

Make your searches as wide as an artist's entire body of work or as niche as a specific category – such as ceramics, paintings or photography. With ARTBANX, tracking down the key art market data you need is the work of moments.

Powerful Advanced Search


ARTBANX sheds insight into the direction that a specific artwork has been heading in terms of its sale price history – enabling you to better understand the direction of the marketplace, and act accordingly.


Insight Powered by Data

Our easy-to-follow graphs allow you to instantly assess how well an artist has been performing over time. These charts are accompanied by dollar values of annual growth, as well as fluctuations shown as percentages. You can also select your preferred currency.

This important metric helps you to make a decision on how likely it is that an artwork would sell if it were made available to potential buyers. When interest in an artist is on the wane, sellers interpret this as a red flag.

For artists whose output spans multiple different categories, the ARTBANX search tool quickly lets you see in which field they are currently performing at their best – such as prints, sculptures or paintings.

Understand how artworks by a particular artist fall into different price ranges and assess where to look for future purchases – or to anticipate a likely price for a future sale.

Delve into key pricing data about an artist's entire portfolio in order to get a snapshot of how they are currently viewed in the marketplace – and how their perception has evolved over time.

Limited at launch to the top 100 artists, ARTBANX is in the process of expanding its search facility to an entire world of artists and their creations. We are currently building one of the most expansive art market databases in existence.

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