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Data-rich Insight into Your Collection

Whether you are a collector, art professional or financial institution, your ability to flourish in the competitive world of art collecting will be greatly impacted by the level of data you are able to access.

This is never more true than when managing a collection – which is why the ARTBANX art collection software draws in key information from multiple trusted sources to bring meaningful insight to every aspect of a portfolio.

woman in art gallery

Successfully managing and growing an art collection requires time, dedication – and insight. The ability to make the right choices comes down to how well you know the art market – and how well you understand the nuances of the collections under your control.

ARTBANX pulls together rich streams of data from auction houses, museums, galleries, industry articles and other important sources to help you better understand your portfolio – and make informed decisions about what to buy, what to hold and what to sell. Our data-rich dashboard helps to make a delicate balancing act less unpredictable.

Bespoke Collection Insights

Tracking Portfolio Performance

No matter how you wish to search – by artist, year of purchase, location of artwork and more – your Collection Insights tools are highly-customisable to ensure you get the precise information that you need.

Tracking Portfolio Performance

ABX Estimate

By constantly analysing art market data, our machine learning algorithms are able to provide the most accurate, unbiased and trustworthy insights into an artwork's current value. We call this the ABX Estimate and our members find it invaluable.

ABX Estimate


What will the artworks in your collection be worth in 12 months’ time? ARTBANX unravels complex trends data to help you predict likely valuations – and as with all of our tools, everything is presented on a beautiful, easy-to-understand interface.


Your Insights Dashboard in Detail

Quickly visualise the valuation of your portfolio over time to identify opportunities, understand risk and make astute financial decisions for the coming weeks and months.

Which artists in your portfolio currently outshine everyone else? Our platform helps you to see the 'movers and shakers' instantly – so you can react accordingly.

Access specific information about individual artists. This visual barometer of which artists are currently performing well and those whose appeal appears to be cooling helps you to make key art trading decisions.

Take the risk out of offering artwork for sale by discovering how well the artist has been performing at auction. When sell-through rates are low, it may be time to wait for a more favourable climate.

Track specific artworks over time to assess the optimal moment to sell – or to acquire more work by the same artist. ARTBANX also offers immediate insight into an artist's return ranking, the best performing categories and periods, growth rate, risk assessment and more.

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