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Shipping and Freeport Storage

ARTBANX can be relied upon for a variety of key support services, including shipping and storage. If you have artwork that needs to be transported anywhere in the world or stored in a highly secure storage facility, our in-house experts and carefully-vetted partners can take care of everything.

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Global Shipping Network

Collectors with large portfolios regularly need artwork to be moved to different locations around the world. Entrusting valuable artworks to a third party during the critical transportation phase is not something to be taken lightly. Our highest priority is that the items in your collection will be treated with the utmost care - and will arrive on time.

ARTBANX works with trusted, reputable global art shipping partners who specialise in high-value art to take care of all your transportation needs – and quotes can quickly be obtained directly through the ARTBANX platform.

International Freeports

Freeports are premium storage facilities for artworks in ultra-secure areas, allowing collectors to take advantage of tax-free investments. With maximum security, controlled temperature and humidity, these facilities feature the latest propogies to ensure safe and secure storage.

Additionally, they provide a safe haven when an artwork is temporarily liquidated in order to unlock its value. ARTBANX has considerable expertise and partners in the field of Freeport storage worldwide who can provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

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