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The ARTBANX Request Engine

Track Down Rare Art from All Over the World

Building an art collection can be incredibly time-consuming, with unnecessarily high costs. ARTBANX changes this paradigm. Once you have registered and verified your account, you can search for a specific artwork or more generally by price, period or artist and submit non-binding requests. If other members of the ARTBANX community have what you are looking for, they will be notified about your interest through the platform. The trail stops there if they have no desire to sell, but if there is a possibility of a sale, the two interested parties are able to escalate proceedings – anonymously – within the platform. Should both parties agree to the sale, ARTBANX steps in to facilitate a smooth and efficient transaction. ARTBANX makes art sourcing and art trading simple.

As the ARTBANX community grows, so too does the possibility of finding your perfect match.

For Buyers

  1. Request a specific artwork you are hoping to add to your collection or make a more general request.
  2. ARTBANX securely and privately cross-references the request with other users' portfolios.
  3. You are notified if a match is found – with a score denoting the accuracy of the match.

For Art Owners

  1. When you upload your collection, the details of the artworks in your portfolio are digitally encrypted and stored in our database. No humans can access this data.
  2. When another member submits a digital request through ARTBANX, the platform securely cross-references the system data to find matches.
  3. A private notification is sent to you if the platform identifies that any art in your collection is a match. You decide what happens next.

How it Works


Join the ARTBANX Community

• Log in to the ARTBANX dashboard and use the Market Analytics tool to explore art market trends. • This can help you to identify opportunities – such as emerging artists or those whose sales prices have been steadily rising. • If you already know exactly how you would like to expand your collection, proceed to step 2 to begin your art sourcing journey.

Place a request for the artwork(s)

• Click 'Requests' on the ARTBANX side-navigation – from there, you can set the parameters of your search according to your wishes. Everything from a particular artwork to your preferred size of canvas can be established. • Define a price bracket and click send.

We search our network on your behalf

• The request anonymously scans other users' portfolios for matches. You will quickly receive a notification for artworks that meet your search criteria, with a score denoting how strongly they match. • The details of both the potential buyer and the owner of the artworks in question are 100% hidden at this stage.

We notify you when a match is made

• If an owner is interested in selling and you want to take things further, confirm your interest and follow the steps on the platform. • ARTBANX helps you to complete the purchase with a buyer's commission as low as 5%, depending on your level of membership. • Total anonymity is guaranteed throughout the entire process.

Advantages of Requesting through ARTBANX

Members tell us the best thing about requesting an artwork through the ARTBANX platform is that it can be done anytime, anywhere.

While there is no guarantee that you will get a 100% match for your desired artwork, near-matches are often to a client's liking – and with thousands of new pieces added to the platform every month, your chances of finding exactly what you are looking for increase by the day.

Broad Network Search
Instructing a professional to try and track down a specific artwork and then make a connection with the owner can take months – or result in a complete dead end. ARTBANX greatly increases the scope of your network by instantly putting your search request to our global network of members.
Fast and Reliable
Establishing your search criteria is a simple, straightforward process that can swiftly be completed within the ARTBANX platform. Once your request has been sent, other members' collections are scanned in a matter of seconds and the results are presented to you in an attractive, easy-to-digest format.
Secure and Anonymous
No one has to know of your art sourcing ambitions – just as potential sellers' details are 100% secure and anonymous until a transaction is agreed upon by both parties. It's the equivalent of placing a digital blindfold on both buyer and seller and only removing it if and when both parties are ready.

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