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Qualified Buying and Selling

When using traditional channels, art trading can be a very public affair – so ARTBANX has devised an innovative solution that keeps transactions away from prying eyes. Our platform not only ensures that all buyers and sellers are pre-qualified, it keeps exposure to the absolute minimum. Our commission rates are exceptional, too.

water mellon artwork

How ARTBANX Protects your Interests:

After first ascertaining that sellers do actually own an artwork before it is made available to other collectors via the ARTBANX platform, we secure the sales process even further by ensuring that only interested parties with the necessary purchasing power will ever get to see it. By verifying their financial references, we can ensure that your intended sale reaches exactly the right kind of audience.

  1. 01 Proven Purchasing Power

    Our intelligent matching system only puts information about the artworks you are selling in front of ARTBANX members with the right purchasing power – collectors who are actively looking for artworks of that kind.

  2. 02 Verified Customers

    FINMA compliant system for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundry (AML) is fully integrated in our platform to ensure legitimacy and smoothness in all aspects.

  3. 03 5% Commission

    Our fees for overseeing and facilitating transactions are as low as 5%, depending on membership level. Compared to other, traditional art trading models, our commission rates represent savings of up to more than 20%.

  4. 04 Private Sales

    We have developed a unique sealed bid process to ensure that you get the highest price for your artworks. In an unsold event, you won't bear any risk of devaluation as no information about the intended sale will ever be made public.

  5. 05 Making the Impossible Possible

    ARTBANX enables you to make an offer on masterpieces that haven't appeared on the market for many years – or, in some cases, ever – using our unique anonymous matching system.

  6. 06 Support

    Art trading is not always something a collector is happy to undertake without professional help – which is why our expert team offer a variety of support services, from art authentication and valuation to private, tailored advice.

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