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Simon Franks 


13 Jan 2023

The Franks-Suss Collection, founded by Simon Franks and Robert Suss in 2001, is dedicated to discovering and supporting emerging artists from around the world, with a focus on those from emerging economies. The collection, which includes nearly 1,000 works in its outposts in London, New York, and Hong Kong, features established artists such as Jonas Wood and Zeng Fanzhi, as well as newer acquisitions such as Hannah Perry, Diana Al-Hadid, and Zhai Liang.

Franks and Suss have a passion for discovering new talent and a dedication to helping the artists they collect gain global recognition. They work closely with the artists and have held exhibitions at various locations, including Franks’s Hampstead home and the Saatchi Gallery. The collection is also committed to working in opposition to the trend of viewing art as an asset class, instead focusing on promoting the work of the artists and supporting their careers.

Franks believes that building personal relationships with artists and galleries is crucial in his search for exciting new talent. He also prioritizes research and homework in order to find artists that align with his taste and objectives. The Franks-Suss Collection sees itself as a champion of the artists it collects, and is committed to helping them achieve the recognition they deserve.

In terms of its focus on artists from emerging economies, the Franks-Suss Collection has a particular emphasis on China, where Franks first began collecting art. However, the collection has also expanded its reach to include artists from a variety of countries, including those in Africa. Franks is particularly excited about the talent coming out of Africa, stating that if you walked around his house today, you would see many works by African artists.

Image Source: BMW Art Guide Ruud van Empel, “World no 19”, 2006