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Maria Arena Bell


1 Dec 2022

Maria Arena Bell and William Bell Jr. have long had a passion for collecting art. The couple’s collection includes works by Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, Damien Hirst, and many other prominent artists. Maria has championed the work of a number of Los Angeles-based artists, including Alex Israel, Jonas Wood and Mark Ryden, as well as commissioned projects with artists such as Dan Colen.

The Bells are renowned collectors of works by Jeff Koons. He was their first significant foray into collecting contemporary art in the 1990s. One of his Fisherman Golfer stainless steel decanter from the ‘Luxury and Degradation’ series from 1986 was their first acquisition, and their living room is dominated by a Plexiglas sculpture of a Hoover vacuum cleaner by the artist.

Maria has also devoted a substantial portion of her life to philanthropic activities in the art world, since she believes that everyone should have access to art.

Image Source: Columbia Edu