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A New Era in Art Investment


5 Sep 2023

Arkefi Partners with AllianceBlock to Revolutionize Art, Cars, and Collectibles as investable options on the Avalanche Ecosystem

Zurich, September 5, 2023 – Arkefi is thrilled to announce its partnership with AllianceBlock, a leading decentralized infrastructure provider, to bring a transformative investment platform to the Avalanche network. Arkefi aims to redefine the way high-net-worth individuals and crypto enthusiasts invest in art, cars, and collectibles.

The platform is launching with an artwork by the renowned artist, Danh Vo. Investors have the opportunity to acquire the options at 50% of the market value and can expect an ROI within just 90 days. Fractions are publicly accessible and start as low as 100 USDC.

“Our vision at Arkefi is to democratize non-bankable assets such as art, cars, and collectibles, transforming them into liquid capital by providing accessibility to everyone,” said Mads Boie Thomsen, CEO of Arkefi.

Key Features of Arkefi Arkefi sets itself apart with its focus on user experience, transparency, and ease of use, all enabled by AllianceBlock’s cutting-edge technology:

Unlocking Asset Liquidity Arkefi provides HNWIs the opportunity to unlock liquidity from their valuable but traditionally illiquid assets. Stable Returns Investors receive both the principal and a pre-agreed return directly to their digital wallets in the event of a buy-back. Otherwise, full ownership is transferred, offering unlimited upside potential. Digital Twins Through AllianceBlock’s Nexera Protocol, Arkefi creates digital replicas of collectibles as Meta Non-Fungible Tokens (Meta NFTs), enabling fractional ownership. Fractional Ownership Arkefi allows for small capital investments in a fraction of a collateralized real-world asset, broadening the investor base. User-Friendly Interface Arkefi offers a seamless user experience with step-by-step guidance for easy platform navigation.

Enhanced Value through Curation and Preservation Arkefi goes beyond investment features to add value through curation, authentication, and secure storage. Secure Asset Storage Only artworks that meet stringent criteria are available for sale, stored securely in bonded warehouses in Switzerland. Investor-Centric Terms Sellers can release liquidity from their collections, which are tokenized and positioned on the platform for investment.

What’s Next for Arkefi? Arkefi, in collaboration with AllianceBlock, is setting new industry standards for tokenizing real-world assets. Future plans include integrating AllianceBlock’s NexeraID compliance solution, enabling secondary market trading, dynamic pricing, and expanding into other asset classes like cars and diamonds.

“We’re just scratching the surface. The integration of AllianceBlock’s technology and ARTBANX’s expertise allows us to offer something truly unique. The future is bright, and we’re excited to lead the way,” added Mads Boie Thomsen.

About Arkefi Arkefi is the first platform to democratize the financing of art, cars, and collectibles through on-chain options, offering a guaranteed return of up to 50%. Investors can acquire fractions of these assets at half their market value, providing an appealing alternative to traditional fractionalization methods. Each asset undergoes rigorous evaluation and is securely stored in bonded warehouses in Switzerland.

About AllianceBlock AllianceBlock is a key infrastructure provider for decentralized tokenized markets, empowering businesses to provide liquidity and to issue, manage, and trade digital and real-world assets in a compliant manner. Their ecosystem includes key stakeholders from both the financial and decentralized finance sectors.

For more information and updates, follow Arkefi on their social media channels.

Press Contact: Hanna Sokolnicka
 Marketing and Communications ARTBANX 

This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.