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Swiss Discretion, Industry Expertise

ARTBANX is the world’s most comprehensive, customisable and secure collection management system for collectors, art professionals and financial institutions. The revolutionary, industry-leading technologies that underpin the entire ARTBANX ecosystem enable us to make art a bankable asset class, unlock its value and empower financial decisions when trading art.

andrewn neel artwork

The art world is famously opaque. Historical data about artist performance and sales results is not readily available to collectors and investors – which puts them at a disadvantage. Recognising that the answer to this imbalance was technology and machine learning, ARTBANX recruited a team of leading digital specialists to create a platform that could analyse multiple data streams in order to do two things: to gather all available information from across the industry, and, just as importantly, to intelligently fill in any gaps.

The result is an incredibly powerful platform that helps collectors to manage their portfolios and tap into key market data with ease – bringing a fluidity to trading art that has never been seen before. And underpinning everything, of course, is our unswerving Swiss commitment to security and discretion.

Our Vision

Our Vision

For many collectors today, investing in art is driven by much more than emotional reasons; art is increasingly viewed as a bankable asset class to sit alongside other assets, globally. The latest research from Deloitte and ArtTactic also discovered that 85% of wealth managers believe art should be part of their client offering. Attractive over the long-term, art is a tangible store of value that typically generates moderate positive returns – as well as the possibility of more significant gains.

Our vision is to make art a bankable asset class. This is achieved by providing the best art data in the world and a seamless, user-friendly way to trade and manage collections digitally. We give our community access to the tools and information they need to trade more freely and efficiently than ever before – transforming artworks into assets that bring real financial benefits.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The traditional art market is certainly an inefficient market. Our mission is to provide the next-generation of art tools and services needed within one streamlined platform, and thus solve the problems of the traditional art market with industry-leading technologies, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

The most cutting-edge technology is the ARTBANX Collection Management System - a sophisticated digital game-changer for anyone who collects and trades art.

By merging new digital capabilities with innovative ideas, our quest to shake up the art market is on target to revolutionise the sector.

Who we are

United in our passion for art, finance, and technology, we are diverse in our backgrounds, skills and knowledge.


Meet Our Management Team

Board member
Mads Boie Thomsen
Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder & Chairman
Board member
Patrick Schweiger
Chief Legal Officer, Co-founder & Member of the Board
Board member
Francisco Fernandez
Member of the Board
Board member
Flemming Friborg
Chief Art Officer